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tr.v. com·mod·i·tized, com·mod·i·tiz·ing, com·mod·i·tiz·es
To turn into or treat as a commodity.

com·mod′i·ti·za′tion (-tĭ-zā′shən) n.
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(kəˈmɒdɪˌtaɪz) or


(tr) another term for commodify
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A third concept is "commoditization": corporations' preference (encouraged by governments, especially through research subsidies) for products that are standardized, transportable and exchangeable, all the better to be consumed in distant markets.
Marketplace pricing pressure is forcing many LTL Carriers toward commoditization and competing on price alone.
What caused such a rapid commoditization of the Wi-Fi market?
With the large number of new SSPs, there has been an early commoditization of the market, which has meant lower prices for storage utility services.
A report titled "The Commoditization of Brands and Its Implications for Marketers," a joint product of the marketing research firms Copernicus and Market Facts, studied 51 product and service categories and concluded that 90% of them are declining in differentiation.
Meanwhile, many investment analysts are terming gold "the duddest of dud investments." Nearly a decade ago The Economist described remaining central bank reserves as the "spent fuel of an obsolete monetary system," but more chilling for gold fans was the release last year of a paper by Lehman Brothers called "Reverse Alchemy." It tracked the accelerating commoditization of gold, and debunked 14 "golden myths" ranging from the notion that gold is a hedge against inflation to the hope that Y2K chaos would drive investors back to the security of gold.
Observes Bill Macfarlane, chief information officer at Siemens Automotive in Auburn Hills, Mich.: "No question that E-business is accelerating the fear of commoditization of the supply base."
Breaking out of commoditization requires not only recognizing it and its effects, but an understanding of the root cause--the aging of product technology curves.
Two major trends will enable the migration from manual processing to the streamlined paperless mortgage: product commoditization and technological sophistication.
Weiss's intriguing, though slightly obscure, title might be more aptly named "Things Fall Apart in East Africa." Weiss, an anthropologist, constructs an extremely detailed ethnographic account of traditional Haya worldview and its contemporary dissolution in the face of increasing commoditization of goods and services and its inevitable social devastation, including a major AIDS outbreak, and the ultimate subordination of the Haya to the state which today encapsulates the one-time autonomous kingdom.
In this context, the salam moneylending contracts and their effects on the peasant differentiation, monetarizing of rural economy, the commoditization of land, and the accumulation of profit and power of some merchants (urban and rural) are discussed.