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The Commodities Unit of the International Monetary Fund's Research Department explores the interplay of technology, demography, policies, and institutions across different commodity markets, analyzing the forces driving commodity markets over the medium term and their interaction with the global economy.
BSE & SOPA have entered into a MOU for the growth and development of commodity markets and its value chain participants enabling them to manage price risk in a better manner in the soyabean oil complex.
shale oil production, while the surge in metals prices is expected to level off next year, the World Bank Thursday said in its October Commodity Markets Outlook,
The commodity markets play a significant role for the world economy, thus the recently experienced structural changes are important for the actors involved on those markets.
Synopsis: Offering a complete course of instruction, "Higher Probability Commodity Trading: A Comprehensive Guide to Commodity Market Analysis, Strategy Development, and Risk Management Techniques Aimed at Favorably Shifting the Odds of Success" takes readers explains commodity markets by shedding light on topics rarely discussed in trading literature from a unique perspective, with the intention of increasing the odds of success for market participants.
He added that Sebi would focus on how prices and benchmark rates are fixed in commodity markets as well as look at the
Our successful track record with the DME Oman crude oil futures contract means that DME has the credibility in the commodity markets in order to attract a wide variety of participants and commodities to the DME Auction platform over the long term".
AS a result of the continued downward trend in commodity markets over the last few months, First Milk has announced it will reduce the milk price for its manufacturing pool by 0.
The Federal Reserve is seeking input from the banking industry on how it should regulate banks in commodity markets.
More specifically, Hong-Kong GF Futures has acquired Natixis Commodity Markets Ltd.
A step-by-step guide to the markets, products and their trading, featuring chapters from some of the most preeminent global experts on commodities, Mastering the Commodities Markets is an introduction to the general commodity markets.
Dot), Japan's largest online commodity futures broker, is pleased to announce that Dot has begun offering an educational seminar series for university students on commodity markets.

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