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Noun1.Commodore Perry - United States commodore who led the fleet that defeated the British on Lake Erie during the War of 1812Commodore Perry - United States commodore who led the fleet that defeated the British on Lake Erie during the War of 1812; brother of Matthew Calbraith Perry (1785-1819)
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Then Commodore Perry and his ships sailed to Japan and demanded that the country ndash secluded from the West for 200 years ndash be open to trade.
Change came in 1853 when an American Navy expedition led by Commodore Perry succeeded in obtaining a trading treaty.
As I stand here before you in Memorial Hall, you can see draped behind me one of its most famous artifacts: a replica of the flag that was raised high on the mast of Commodore Perry's flagship, USS Niagara, during the battle of Lake Erie.
For example, a student in Commodore Perry School District in Pennsylvania attended classes via a robot while recovering at home from a broken leg.
Well, Commodore Perry Owens used the same technique, except he wasn't an exhibition shooter, he wasn't putting on a show for spectators, and he wasn't shooting at balloons.
The credit unions adding MAX's mobile onboarding capabilities are the West Chester, Ohio-based Kemba Credit Union ($730 million); the Cleveland-based The Ohio Educational Credit Union ($127 million); the Oak Harbor, Ohio-based Commodore Perry Federal Credit Union ($35 million); the Portsmouth, Ohio-based Desco Federal Credit Union ($274.5 million); and the Decatur, Ill.-based Staley Credit Union ($126 million).
Ninety-two years after Commodore Perry sailed into Tokyo Bay and pushed Japan onto the world stage at gunpoint, the Americans were back.
(His story in this issue gives an alternate glimpse into the world of his novel, Commodore Perry's Minstrel Show, like stepping off the novel's main path during an afternoon that doesn't appear in the actual book.)
Thus, in Ruskola's argument, Commodore Perry arrived in Tokyo Bay with a copy of the Wanghia Treaty in his pocket and used it as his model for subordinating Japan.
With Commodore Perry to Japan; the journal of William Speiden Jr., 1852-1855.
Enhanced with an extensive introduction, illuminating notes, a bibliography, and more, With Commodore Perry to Japan: The Journal of William Speiden Jr., 1852-1855 collects the personal journal writings of William Speiden Jr., the sixteen-year-old purser's clerk of the USS Mississippi as he accompanied Commodore Perry on his historic voyage to force an end to Japan's centuries of isolationism.
The gunboats that steamed up China's rivers and the French and British troops that burned the Old Summer Palace were on commercial missions much as Commodore Perry threatened Japan with bombardment if it did not open the country to commercial activity.