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lt;p>Besides visual programming tools and UML, Microsoft is pushing managed code through its Common Language Runtime (CLR) technology in the next version of the tool set.
Silverlight, a cross-platform common language runtime (CLR), is a new technology from Microsoft for building rich interactive and connected applications for the Web.
NET's Common Language Runtime (CLR), breaking usage up into different objects and identifying each by name, size and location.
NET Framework Common Language Runtime (CLR) and advanced messaging capabilities in Service Broker.
NET; a comprehensive class library for building web services and web and Windows applications; as well as the Common Language Runtime to execute objects built within this framework.
Borland Software Corp's nine-year-old Windows programming language has been updated, enabling Delphi programmers to compile code to Microsoft's Common Language Runtime (CLR).
Common Language Runtime is an environment that allows other .
NET Common Language Runtime (CLR) for optimised performance and security.
NET Framework Essentials' includes sections on Common Language Runtime (CLR) and Base Class Libraries, ASP.
Part I overviews ILAsm and common language runtime features, based on a simple sample program.
A set of base components, accessible from the common language runtime, that provide various functions (networking, containers, etc.