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(Zool.) the night hawk; - so called from the loud noise it makes while feeding on the wing, in the evening.

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Other mainland records include a common nighthawk seen briefly and later found dead in Ceredigion at Mwnt in October 1999; and a chimney swift on Anglesey at Penmon on November 2, 2005.
Breeding Bird Survey data from 1966 through 2006 shows an annual rate of decline for common nighthawk, chuck-will's-widow, and whip-poor-will of 1.
These findings support the supposition that, in areas of range overlap of these closely related species, the lesser nighthawk out competes the common nighthawk for habitat and food resources (Caccamise, 1974).
The American Common Nighthawk was blown 3,000 miles off course and landed on St Mary in the Isles of Scilly.
So take a listen to an ivory-billed woodpecker, common loon, marbled wood quail, satin bowerbird, red-ruffed fruitcrow, superb lyrebird, Australian magpie, common nighthawk, common raven, or canyon wren.
Common Nighthawk: In reality not hawks but members of the nightjar family, common nighthawks cover most of the continent, eating a variety of flying insects.