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Noun1.Vicia sativa - herbaceous climbing plant valuable as fodder and for soil-buildingVicia sativa - herbaceous climbing plant valuable as fodder and for soil-building
vetch - any of various climbing plants of the genus Vicia having pinnately compound leaves that terminate in tendrils and small variously colored flowers; includes valuable forage and soil-building plants
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The least values in all nutrition treatments were achieved by forage pea and rapeseed mustard mix, significantly higher values were achieved by winter rye and common vetch mix and the highest by Sudan grass.
The nuclear DNA content was determined from leafs of barley, common vetch, fig, and black mulberry plants.
Mixing the napier with other roughage such as grass, oats, lucerne and common vetch hay will yield better results.Related Stories
Treatments consisted of different soil management in the winter, with hand weeding and mechanical mowing of weeds in the entire plot, or the planting of eight species of winter cover crops (white clover, red clover, common vetch, turnip, corn spurrey, black oat, rye, and ryegrass), arranged in randomized complete block design with four replications.
The common vetch (Vica sativa L.), a legume selected for mixture owing to its high forage production and its ability in N fixing (Pinnow et al., 2013), and the forage peanut (Arachis pintoi Krap.
(2003) concluded that cultivation of oat, common vetch and oil seed radish was more efficient than single crops since it combined the high biomass production capacity of black oat and oil seed radish with the ability of common vetch to fix atmospheric [N.sub.2].
Field experiments were conducted in Jangdam, in the Tibetan plateau of China, to investigate the forage production potential of oats (Avena sativa L.),forage-type triticale (xTriticosecale Wittmack) and common vetch (Vicia sativa L.).The forage productivity of oats and forage-type triticale were evaluated in comparison with local naked barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) in single and sequential cropping systems, with and without a compaction roller.
Putnam, "Neurotoxins in a vetch food: stability to cooking and removal of [gamma]-glutamyl-[beta]-cyanoalanine and [beta]-cyanoalanine and acute toxicity from common vetch (Vicia sativa L.) legumes," Journal of the Agricultural and Food Chemistry, vol.
Thus, the aim of this study was to verify possible interferences related to the amount of crop residues produced by black oat and also by the consortium of black oat, common vetch, and forage turnip concerning seedling emergence, plant height and soybean productivity, besides quality of the harvested seeds.
The significant positive correlation between seed yield and number pods confirmed the results, obtained by Ibrahim [18], Kambal [11], Nigem el al [14], Berhe et al [5], and Ulukran [20] in faba been; Siddique et al [17] in narbon bean and Cakmakie [6] in common vetch.