Common council

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the representative (legislative) body, or the lower branch of the representative body, of a city or other municipal corporation.
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The COMMON COUNCIL had the appointment of all the judges and magistrates of the respective CITIES.
The first genuine specimen which we came upon was the mansion of a rich farmer and member of the Common Council of the parish or district.
Forgive me, if I am wrong, but I was told you were niece to the Commissioners of Paving, and daughter-in-law to the Lord Mayor and Court of Common Council, which would account for your relationship to all three.
Thomas Burton is purveyor of cat's meat to the Lord Mayor and Sheriffs, and several members of the Common Council (the announcement of this gentleman's name was received with breathless interest).
At an official signing ceremony he was joined by Milwaukee Common Council President Ashanti Hamilton, Sen.
Last year, Labour won a record five seats on the Common Council.
The Reedsburg Planning and Industrial and Commercial Development Commissions, Finance Committee and Common Council unanimously approved for Richard and Dianne Sharratt to purchase 14.
The city of Cleveland has had some success taking a cooperative approach to starting businesses and hiring city residents, and, prompted by my reporting, the Milwaukee Common Council is taking steps to implement a co-op model here.
Drawing on first-hand accounts, biographies, and contemporary newspaper and magazine articles, as well as state corporate, Detroit common council, and other historical records, they argued over everything, paying historical records.
On April 1, the Common Council made Ambrose Chapman, citizen and draper, sign a bond saying he would no longer stage any disguisings or plays in Carpenter's Yard in St.
Milwaukee Common Council president Ashanti Hamilton said: "We understand the frustration people feel with the police community nationally.
Milwaukee Common Council president Ashanti Hamilton echoed the mayor's plea for help restoring order.