Common lawyer

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one versed in common law.
- Wharton.

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According to information collected by secret agencies, Shahid Hussain Jatio is the son of common lawyer who lived in a small house in North Nazimabad.
That is why I am resigning and appearing in court as a common lawyer," The Express Tribune quoted Sikander, as saying.
BUT A FUNNY THING HAPPENED TO THE American common lawyer, and that funny thing was the American law school (which came into its own a century after Tocqueville wrote).
For example, if you are a real estate attorney, "real estate law" would be too vague; "San Francisco tenant in common lawyer" would be a more effective grouping of keywords.
The unashamed Common Lawyer, of whom I am certainly one, who takes the Churchillian advice and looks back, can see in fact a very long way.
(62) The remedial perspective and the remedial language used is an indicator of a civilian attempt to think more like a consequentialist, and more like a Common lawyer. But beware of this apparent equivalence: despite the more consequentialist perspective, remedy as used in this way is merely a synonym of right or maybe remedial right, which lacks the procedural implications of remedy in common law parlance.
* Agree to use a common lawyer if named as joint defendants in a malpractice case and if not adverse to one another.
I want also to add that part of my conviction is based on my training as an Anglo-American common lawyer. It is the very basis and the great heritage of the English people to this country, which we have maintained, that we insist on the strictest rules of credibility of witnesses and on the avoidance of hearsay, and that gossip shall be excluded, in the courts of justice.
(152) However, the 'professional independence' to which Cramton refers arguably differs from a common lawyer's understanding of that term.
Although trained as a common lawyer, Selden gave little evidence of the insular and ahistorical mental outlook shared by most of his professional colleagues.
the historical fact that common lawyers have been reared on a diet of case law has had a profound effect on our judicial method.