Uta stansburiana

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Noun1.Uta stansburiana - one of the most abundant lizards in the arid western United States
iguanid, iguanid lizard - lizards of the New World and Madagascar and some Pacific islands; typically having a long tail and bright throat patch in males
genus Uta, Uta - a reptile genus of Iguanidae
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Ecology and life history of the common side-blotched lizard (Uta stansburiana) have been well documented (Tinkle, 1967; Parker and Pianka, 1975; Fox, 1978; Ferguson and Fox, 1984; Wilson, 1992).
Because of its abundance across habitats, well-documented ecology, and rapid generation time, the common side-blotched lizard is a suitable focal species for studying how structural changes in habitat caused by presence of nonnative vegetation may impact structure of populations and use of habitats by native biota.
Due to small size of home range of the common side-blotched lizard (ca.