Communication difficulties

Communication difficulties   
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The cabin crew had undergone smokehood training but "it appeared that this had not fully prepared them for the extent of the associated communication difficulties, raising questions about the training", the AAIB said.
Sarah Hawes, marketing manager at Typetalk, said: "Typetalk is a lifeline for millions of people with communication difficulties. We're aware that there is a lack of knowledge about the service within the hospitality industry and that is why we're offering these free training sessions.
The Percy Hedley Foundation, which runs two schools on Tyneside for children with cerebral palsy and communication difficulties, is setting up a college on the Northern Counties School site.
Workers have been trained to use the Typetalk service, which helps people with communication difficulties use the telephone effectively.
Assessing and developing communication and thinking skills in people with autism and communication difficulties; a toolkit for parents and professionals.
He said he had the condition, which causes autistic-like episodes and communication difficulties, when he appeared in a Sydney court charged with kicking a photographer.
Learning in her forties that she was autistic brought her understanding of her life-long difficulties navigating through life--poor social skills, communication difficulties, sensory sensitivities a need for routine, memory issues, and stimming, compensatory movements when trying to be still.
The Newcastle-based organisation, which offers a range of services to children, young people and adults with cerebral palsy and communication difficulties, is holding the run on a section of the cross country course at the Burgham Horse Trials held near Morpeth, Northumberland.
Picture exchange communication symbols (Pecs) are designed to assist children with autism and communication difficulties to distinguish which object is being talked about.
Lakeside School caters for children with complex learning and communication difficulties and associated challenging behaviours.
Guests, visitors and sports club members are being encouraged to purchase the lions, which cost BD5 each, to support the RIA's work with children with learning and communication difficulties.

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