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The study of communication, including such fields as semiotics, audiology, and speech pathology.

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Communicologist Petar Arsovski in Utrinski vesnik analyzes that in times when Zaev has leverage, he won't settle for stabilization by any means.
Still, we should wait and see the evidence go public and find out what was the opposition leader talking about in the past several months", announced communicologist Petar Arsovski.
Communicologist Petar Arsovski in Utrinski vesnik analyzes that the more the fuse of the bomb was burning, the more the pattern for gain and loss was altering.
The communicologist Petar Arsovski analyzes for Utrinski vesnik that two axioms are interlocked with the name issue.
Hence, communicologists do not need to shy away from cultural particulars in order to reach human universals (Miike, 2006).
Communicologists, philosophers, anthropologists, psychologists, theologians, sociologists, and a host of other contemporary thinkers have approached the topic of communication from varying perspectives.