public-access television

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pub′lic-ac`cess tel′evision

1. a noncommercial system of broadcasting on television channels made available to independent or community groups.
2. one or more channels on cable television that by law are reserved for noncommercial broadcasting by members of the public.
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Founded in 1974, Community Access helps over 10,000 homeless and low income New Yorkers by providing affordable housing, job training, hot meals, counseling and crisis support services.
Background: The project comprises of two components: phase 2 of the Africa Community Access Project (AFCAP) and a new Asia Community Access Project (ASCAP).
FACILITY OPENS: Chairman of the newly opened Community Access Point for the Huddersfield Pakistan Community Association, Shazad Hussain (left) with members and guests at the opening of the new premises on King Cliffe Road, Birkby (AC160513Eopen-01)
South Wales Police hope the introduction of new Community Access Points will increase engagement with the public.
LANCASTER - Comcast announced that Lancaster Community Access Television is hosting three television-production workshops in July free of charge for local residents interested in creating their own local shows and covering the Lancaster community on television.
Mike Attwood, PCT joint chief executive, said: "The people of Coventry deserve a service that is high quality, cost effective and gives the community access that they want.
To replace the roof of the organization's building, allowing for continued community access and ongoing support to people with developmental disabilities.
At West Los Angeles, topics of discussion are likely to include community access to the campus and the kinds of courses offered, Lowry said.
This section of UBRT, in particular, offers the business community access to valuable contact information available in one product, or to Northern Ontario Business subscribers in our online version of UBRT at www.
Vo, who says she "put all my savings into this business to try to give the Vietnamese community access to the Internet," says she probably will have to close up shop if the regulations stand.
He/She will thrive on collaboration and building relationships to help the camp community access the most up-to-date information and knowledge through efforts at the national and section levels.

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