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A country consisting of three main islands and numerous islets of the Comoro Islands in the Indian Ocean off southeast Africa between Mozambique and Madagascar. Settled by peoples from Africa, Indonesia, and Arabia, the islands were ceded to France between 1841 and 1909. They declared their independence from France in 1975 (although Mayotte voted to remain a French territory). Moroni, on Grand Comoro Island, is the capital.


(ˈkɒməˌrəʊz; kəˈmɔːrəʊz)
pl n
(Placename) a republic consisting of three volcanic islands in the Indian Ocean, off the NW coast of Madagascar; a French territory from 1947; became independent in 1976 except for Mayotte, the fourth island in the group, which chose to remain French. Official languages: Comorian, French, and Arabic; Swahili is used commercially. Religion: Muslim. Currency: franc. Capital: Moroni. Pop: 752 288 (2013 est). Area: 1862 sq km (719 sq miles). Official name: Union of the Comoros


(ˈkɒm əˌroʊz)

Federal Islamic Republic of the, a republic of three Comoro Islands: a former French territory; independence in 1975. 562,723; 719 sq. mi. (1862 sq. km). Cap.: Moroni.
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Noun1.Comoros - a country on the Comoro IslandsComoros - a country on the Comoro Islands  
Comoro Islands, Iles Comores - three main islands and numerous islets in the Indian Ocean between Mozambique and Madagascar
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On the pavements of the capital, Port-Louis, you will still find Africans, Indians, Chinese, Comorans and Malagasy hawkers selling a variety of home-made products like mats, bed sheets, chains, jewellery or other typical goods brought from their countries.
The Comorans, inhabiting the islands of Grande Comore (also known as Ngazidja), Anjouan, and Moheli, share African-Arab origins.
Foreign remittances from Comorans living abroad in France, Mayotte (claimed by France), and elsewhere remain the most important influx of funds for most Comorans.
Working from sunup to sundown, in heat and rain seven days a week, the crew members of NMCB 11 say they keep motivated because their hard work will benefit the Comorans.
We managed to do all that in just one hour, which probably didn't mean a lot of time for veteran Comoran journalist Shaikh Hammad, who met us at the airport, as the Comorans seem to have all the time in the world on their hands.
French and US aircraft joined the hunt Wednesday for possible survivors from a plane that crashed off the Comoros archipelago, while in Paris expatriate Comorans tried to block another flight by the same airline.
Comorans in Marseille, home to more Comorans than the tiny Indian Ocean stateEoe1/4aos capital, said the tragedy was waiting to happen.
The airline said 75 Comorans and 65 French nationals were on board the flight, along with one Palestinian and one Canadian.
In Marseille, home to around 80,000 immigrant Comorans, honourary consul Stephane Salord said Yemenia's planes were "flying cattle trucks".
Last night, as the EU said they would consider blacklisting Yemenia, the state airline of Yemen, angry Comorans in France accused the carrier of treating passengers like cattle.
In Marseilles, home to around 80,000 immigrant Comorans, honorary consul Stephane Salord said Yemenia's planes were "flying cattle trucks".
In Marseille, home to around 80,000 immigrant Comorans, honorary consul Stephane Salord said Yemenia's planes were "flying cattle trucks".