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 (kŏm′ər-ĭn), Cape
A cape at the southernmost point of India projecting into the Indian Ocean.


(Placename) Cape Comorin a headland at the southernmost point of India, in Tamil Nadu state


(ˈkɒm ər ɪn)

Cape, a cape on the S tip of India, extending into the Indian Ocean.
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The duke and duchess, as it was they who had made the experiment of this adventure, were ready to burst with laughter at all this, and between themselves they commended the clever acting of the Trifaldi, who, returning to her seat, said, "Queen Dona Maguncia reigned over the famous kingdom of Kandy, which lies between the great Trapobana and the Southern Sea, two leagues beyond Cape Comorin. She was the widow of King Archipiela, her lord and husband, and of their marriage they had issue the Princess Antonomasia, heiress of the kingdom; which Princess Antonomasia was reared and brought up under my care and direction, I being the oldest and highest in rank of her mother's duennas.
Falconer, from Cape Comorin to the Himalaya, which have been imported from America since its discovery.
While caste and jatis neatly divided Indian society and hundreds of local gods and goddesses were worshipped from the Himalayas to Cape Comorin nobody among those worshippers would ever have imagined they were members of a common religion called Hinduism.
Squally weather likely to prevail over south Tamil Nadu coast and Comorin area," the IMD stated in its All India Weather Warning Bulletin.
Strong wind speed reaching 30-40 kmph gusting to 50 kmph very likely along & off Tamilnadu & Puducherry coast, Comorin area, Gulf of Mannar and Kerala on 30th.
Comorin ad Japan = Pascaert van t 'Ooster gedeelte van Oost Indien van C.
No one has ever ruled India from Attock to Cape Comorin, not even the British, not Ashoka, not Aurangzeb, not the Marathas though they came closest to it.
He used to love cars, driving, being on the road, doing Srinagar to Cape Comorin on diesel engines in a matter of weeks.
The French presence spanned the entire subcontinent, from Travancore to Assam, and from Punjab to Awadh and Cape Comorin. Several of them occupied high-ranking positions at Indian courts, involving major political and military responsibilities.
Francisco de una tierra de nombre Japon (....) diciendome que deseaba llevarme alla consigo cuando regresase del cabo de Comorin, yo me ofreci a eso" ("E dando conta ao padre M.
The monsoon was showing good advances with the conditions being favourable for its further advance into southern parts of southeast Arabian Sea, Maldives, Comorin area and some more parts of south and central Bay of Bengal during the next three days.
(30) "Las cartas que aqui ay solamente tratan del Iapon, pero los padres de la Compania de Iesus han convertido un numero increyble de gentiles en Angola, Manomotapa, Mozembique, que son tierra firme a la parte d'Africa, y en Goa, Vazain, Tana, Daman, la Trinitad, en la costa de Caimbaya a la parte del norte, y en el Preste Iuan que es en la Persia, y en el reyno de Trabancor, Cochin, Coulan, Pesqueria, santo Thome, a la parte del sur, y otras provincias, hasta el cabo de Comorin, y en el Auracheronesa, Malaca, Islas de Maluco, la China, que son islas y reynos y provincias muy grandes.