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(kōm-pä′, kōN-)
Variant of compas.
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At the remaining stores, which include the three North East proper ties, a reduction in rent equivalent to 30% will be paid for a period of 10 months while the compa ny is in negotiation with landlords.
Compa and Delhi Sultanate performed at ECHO at antiSOCIAL, Hauz Khas on September 25.
Doing so would affect graduate students across the country, says Compa.
Once, in Tequeque, while scouting for a location to hold a seminar, a compa told me, "There's always the hospital.
Supposedly more accurate than humans, COMPAS uses 137 variables about a person to make its assessment.
The study examined one popular risk-assessment algorithm, called Compas, and pointed out how the software's recidivism predictions are no different from the answers random people give to online surveys.
Vibrant Chords has an obvious chance after running well here last time, but at bigger prices I like the look of Compas Scoobie for the kings of Doncaster - Roger Varian and Andrea Atzeni - and race specialist Harry Hurricane.
It might have turned out differently but, the board explained, a computer system called COMPAS had ranked him "high risk.
Oro Silver owns the El Compas gold-silver development property and has a five-year renewable lease on the 500-metric-ton-per-day (mt/d) La Plata ore processing plant In Zacatecas, Mexico.
COMPAS is a 50:50 venture owned by Germany's Daimler and Japan's Nissan.
The construction of the COMPAS complex (Manufacturing Cooperation Plant of Aguascalientes) commenced at the beginning of September.