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(kōm-pä′, kōN-)
Variant of compas.
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"--No, pues es que estamos en la lucha tambien--dice el compa.
Compa and Delhi Sultanate performed at ECHO at antiSOCIAL, Hauz Khas on September 25.
A analise estatistica utilizada foi a mesma para as tres versoes da escala COMPA. Assim, a estrutu ra fatorial das versoes da COMPA foi determinada atraves do metodo de Analises de Componentes Principais, com rotacao Varimax, para o conjunto inicial de itens distribuidos pelas sete dimensoes referidas na seccao anterior.
"It's now Bush's NLRB," says Compa, author of the Human Rights Watch report.
Known for the independent course he charted at Oxford and in Stockholm, this captain, if forced to play compa ny man, might find that G'Martini's bar a welcome refuge.
Respect ought to also lead to dialogue, but so can other attitudes -- e.g., compa ssion or spiritual training in religious communities -- and they cannot all be reduced to one megavirtue called "respect."
But they said the investigation has hint the company and a settlement was in the compa ny's best interests.
Sales for the first nine months of 1999 in the nonwovens segment increased $7.2 million, or 4%, compa red to the first nine months of 1998 due to stronger sales of wet wipes, medical and specialty products.
"What used to be a morgue is now a state-of-the-art data retrieval system with access to hundreds of data bases, and [librarians] work closely with reporters," said Lance Compa, Washington-Baltimore Newspaper Guild Local 35 administrative officer.
Rafael's brother, Mauricio, was well known all over the Front; a clever and willing compa, he was the head of the Los Amates Production Brigade, which includes a fishing cooperative, a dairy, vegetable gardens, and corn fields.