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 (ô′dē-ō-kə-sĕt′, -kă-)
A cassette containing blank or prerecorded audiotape.
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Noun1.audiocassette - a cassette for audiotapeaudiocassette - a cassette for audiotape    
cassette - a container that holds a magnetic tape used for recording or playing sound or video
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"Lately, I've been hearing of karare for half chapati and Combat for Githeri," he added.Other popular names include Mandazi Pasua to mean a bun cut up to include some delicacy and Samaki Cassette to denote fish that is not filleted which means it will be eaten on one side then turned over, just like a compact cassette of old.
The compact cassette was invented in 1962 and it replaced vinyl as the universal medium for recorded music during the early 1970s.
The BBC recently reported the return of the compact cassette -- a medium you'd think nobody but nobody would want to see back again.
But no, my C60 EMI low noise magnetic compact cassette was clearly made of strong stuff.
This was followed by some of the innovations that Philips is best-known for, including the first audio compact cassette in 1963 and the first compact disc (CD) in 1982.
THE compact cassette has celebrated its 50th anniversary.
The Kodak Photo CD ( 1991 ), Digital Compact Cassette Player/Recorder from Philips Consumer Electronics (1993), and ATSC Digital Television Standard--better known as HDTV (1998)--were some leading consumer products that were R&D 100 winners.
The 25" x 9" super compact cassette gearing is lightweight and the four freestyle pegs handle tricks easily.
But the devices remained bulky and expensive until 1962, when Philips developed the compact cassette. Owing to their poor fidelity, cassettes were initially marketed only to journalists, educators, and those with an interest in obsessively chronicling the sounds of their lives.
The Changwon long-product rolling mill comprises a compact cassette (CCR) rolling mill, a flat block line both of which Siemens installed in 2004 and a blooming mill.