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n.1.A making ready; provision.
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a) The mechanical properties specimens fabricated by FDM using 60-40-20, (b) comparation of the gears based on 60-40 and 60-40-20, respectively.
The legionary valetudinarium at Novae in comparation with other Danubian Hospitals.
There are studies that focus on the application of kinematic models in landslides monitoring, in comparation with CDA methods (Acar et al.
17), in 2004, showed in a case series of comparation of anatomical hemispherectomy, functional hemispherectomy, and hemispherotomy.
Comparation Repertorio Mineduc - Catastro nacional de autoras Lirica Narrativa Drama Ensayo Hombres includes Mineduc 11 33 18 5 Mujer es incluidas Mineduc 3 7 1 1 Mujer es catastro 42 30 4 12 Grafico no3: Comparacion Repertorio Mineduc - Catastro nacional de autoras Nota: Tabla derivada de grafico de barra.
comparation of computational complexity #starting resamples calc [ROSS.
Comparation of traps and underwater video gears for indexing reef fish presence and abundance in the southeast United States.
Left Atrial Volume Index as Indicator of Left Ventricular Diastolic Dysfunction: Comparation between Left Atrial Volume Index and Tissue Myocardial Performance Index.