Comparative grammar

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the science which determines the relations of kindred languages by examining and comparing their grammatical forms.

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His famous poetry and prose books included 'Fareed Shanasi', Aryan Zabanon Ki Taqabli Lughat i.e Comparative Grammar of Aryan Languages, and 'Multan Urdu Ki Janam Bhoomi' i.e Multan as birth place of Urdu.
Class A "Copulative compounds", called dvandva "pair" in Comparative Grammar (following the terminology introduced by Indian grammarian Pa[??]ini, ca.
That said, Huehnergard does assume of his readers a fair amount of background, particularly in Biblical Hebrew descriptive grammar (realistically, at least two years at the university/seminary level), and to some extent in historical and comparative grammar as well (though a motivated student can probably manage to absorb the necessary concepts along the way).
(Robert Caldwell, Comparative Grammar of Dravidian Languages, 1856.) Dr.
A descriptive and comparative grammar of Andalusi Arabic.
The fourth essay charts the developmental origins of modern linguistics, crediting the pivotal contributions to Schlegel, not only for preserving the above insights, but for building on them in original and influential ways, e.g., by positing an organic conception of individual languages grounded in their specific grammars, identifying comparative grammar as the central mission of empirical linguistics, and making significant headway in the comparison of different grammars.
The Structure of Kiranti Languages: Comparative Grammar and Texts Karen H.
In addition, for many years Paul Ariste taught comparative grammar of Finnic languages both to the Finno-Ugric and Estonian branches of the Department.

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