Comparative sciences

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those which are based on a comprehensive comparison of the range of objects or facts in any branch or department, and which aim to study out and treat of the fundamental laws or systems of relation pervading them; as, comparative anatomy, comparative physiology, comparative philology.
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(105) Le meilleur exemple de l'influence de la linguistique sur les autres disciplines est presente dans la premiere parmi six conferences tenues par Edward Freeman devant la Royal Society en 1873, intitulee The Range of the Comparative Sciences :
In this paper, we try to expand comparative literature into comparative sciences clusters (including comparative social sciences clusters, comparative natural sciences clusters, comparative interdisciplinary sciences clusters, and so on).
4 Applications of comparative method in comparative sciences clusters and their branches
Based on the above concepts and principles, comparative method can be widely used in comparative sciences clusters and their various branches, and provide a variety of ways and broad space for development.
In comparative sciences clusters and their various branches, the comparative objects can be selected within the large range, the medium range, and the small range.
This is also the great feature of comparative sciences clusters and their various branches.
It should be noted that, in the existing fields of social sciences and natural sciences, many sprouts of comparative sciences clusters can be found, but a wide range of the achievements of comparative sciences clusters, still are the virgin lands to be developed.
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