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Noun1.regulatory authority - a governmental agency that regulates businesses in the public interest
administrative body, administrative unit - a unit with administrative responsibilities
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We had a plan, Mr Headstone and I, for my sister's education, and for its being advised and overlooked by Mr Headstone, who is a much more competent authority, whatever you may pretend to think, as you smoke, than you could produce, if you tried.
On this decision of such competent authority Roderick was released, and had returned to his native city the very day before his encounter with George Herkimer.
Miss Squeers, having slight misgivings on the subject, was by no means ill pleased to be confirmed by a competent authority; and discovering, on further conversation and comparison of notes, a great many points of resemblance between the behaviour of Nicholas, and that of the corn-factor, grew so exceedingly confidential, that she intrusted her friend with a vast number of things Nicholas had NOT said, which were all so very complimentary as to be quite conclusive.
publish Open Data in accordance with the applicable controls approved by the Competent Authority;
A similar committee could be formed to review cases where a Competent Authority applied the principal purposes test to ensure consistent application under similar facts and circumstances.
In practice, it will be the competent authority of the state of origin who will issue the European protection order to the competent authority of the other state.
Under the United Kingdom/United States Dual Consolidated Loss Competent Authority Agreement, entered into under paragraph 3 of Article 26 (Mutual Agreement Procedure) of the U.S.-U.K.
Federal Decree stipulated that the Centre will develop modern legislation giving legal framework for statistical work in the country and will specify the competent authority for compiling official statistical data and will define its duties as well as its relations with federal and local institutions, especially the statistics centres of the local governments and the private sector.
PESHAWAR -- The competent authority has extended the deputation period of Fazal Akbar, Assistant (BS-16) working in Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA), Khyber Pakhtunkhwa on deputation basis for further period of two years June 15, 2019 to June 14, 2021 on standard terms and conditions, in the public interest.
sports minister Faiszer Musthapha and the newly appointed Competent Authority H.T.
He said competent authority was also approached to place Asad Durrani's name on Exit Control List.
The penalties have been imposed after approval of the competent authority. According to the details, one annual increment of Syed Azim Shah, BPS-19 officer has been stopped after an inquiry against him was completed.

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