compiled language

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com·piled language

A programming language whose programs are typically translated into machine language by a compiler before being executed.
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Talaria claims that its technology increases the efficiency of websites by allowing developers to use easier, high-productivity languages like Python and Ruby with the scalability advantage of a compiled language.
Onboard control system is implemented on a compiled language and any update requires them to be re-compiled and restarted.
Although it's possible to use a problem-solving environment, such as Maple or Matlab, to solve many of the problems, the author recommends that students 'get their hands dirty' by writing programs in a compiled language.
We use dynamic interpreted language Python instead of static compiled language such as C++, Java.
Clojure is a compiled language - it compiles directly to JVM bytecode, yet remains completely dynamic.
This eliminates the need to re-program the applications in C, FORTRAN or MPI languages to run on the parallel computer (although Star-P's extensible framework also allows easy plug-in of existing compiled language parallel algorithm code).
As a high-level language, much of the work involved in programming in a compiled language like C is unnecessary.
It is a compiled language and includes a scrip reorder, a dialog box editor and an interactive debugger.
It is a compiled language and includes a script recorder, a dialog editor and an interactive debugger.
One observer has stated that today's Internet is "a vast, unruly collection of HTML, JavaScript and Java on the client side, and a grab-bag of scripted and compiled languages on the server side.
Launching into public beta today, Fabric Engine is available to all web developers who want to bring multi-threaded performance to their web applications, without resorting to compiled languages.
Scripting languages on OpenAccess enable more agile software development than compiled languages such as C and C++.