Complex unit

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(Theory of Numbers) an imaginary number of the form a + b-1, when a2 + b2 = 1.

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A separate high and complex unit will include 16 inpatient adult beds.
In our simulation, the atrial myocyte was surrounded by a selected number of fibroblasts in normal tissue, which was regarded as one myocyte/Fbs complex unit. The paradigm is illustrated in Figure 1.
Its target is to achieve a decline rate of 3% per year at the brownfields; The scheduled launch for the 2.1mmt delayed coker complex unit in Nizhny Novgorod is 2021.
Veysally writes about the language as a complex unit. He states: "The words that people use in their languages are related to their minds.
This article provides only a brief snapshot of this rich and complex unit, but we hope it highlights the potential of drama not only to bring history to life, but also to generate meaningful and exciting contexts for a range of literacy skills.
Automatic transmission in fact demands more attention, as it is a much more complex unit than manual.
The above complex unit multiplication formulas can be written in a simpler form as:
We think that the above (11) complex unit multiplication formulas can be written in a simpler way as:
Answering a question about KCR project, he said it was a viable option but not a complete answer to the problem as the city is now a huge and complex unit. About delays in KCR project, he said that one major hindrance is its land occupied by encroachers.
Due to the nature of the battalion mission and the uniquely skilled sections, we had to support many uncommon and complex unit requirements.
My squadron, like most in the Navy, is a complex unit tasked with high-tempo ops that include daily operational commitments and regularly scheduled aircraft maintenance.

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