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a.1.Capable of bending or yielding; apt to yield; compliant.
Another compliable mind.
- Milton.
The Jews . . . had made their religion compliable, and accommodated to their passions.
- Jortin.
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HAAG STREIT (HSUK) has announced that the Clement Clarke Ophthalmic 'BA904' portable slit lamp (pictured) is now fully compliable with the stringent third edition standards, IEC 60601-1.
Therefore in this age group the anterior wall of the chest, especially area of sternocostal complex is elastic and compliable.
The state has replaced the Ulema with the ministry of Religions Affairs that train and oversee all religious specialist wets sermons, supervise mosques and religious schools and issue advice about how to be good Muslims that the state feels is compliable with a rational, scientific, secular society.

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