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a.1.Capable of bending or yielding; apt to yield; compliant.
Another compliable mind.
- Milton.
The Jews . . . had made their religion compliable, and accommodated to their passions.
- Jortin.
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"There are three types of notices sent by DENR to our citizens, those who own business establishments, have notices to vacate, regarding the easement violation-73, there is also a notice to vacate there timberland violation-190, and there are notices of violation that we say is a compliable violation of 150, "Mayor Barracoso said.
We've seen no convincing evidence so far that large-scale lagoon development could be delivered in a way that is compliable with environmental legislation."
In these frequency spectrum, simple and planar structures are more compliable with present fabrication technologies [25,34,35].
The sedation helps with the compliable of patients during treatments and reduces the possibility of bleeding and makes bleeding easy to control during injection.

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