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complimentary close

A word or phrase, such as Yours truly, placed at the end of a letter or email message before the writer's signature as a polite gesture.
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com′plimen′tary close′


also com′plimen′tary clos′ing,

the part of a letter that by convention immediately precedes the signature, as “Very truly yours,” “Cordially,” or “Sincerely yours.”
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Letters aren't listed separately in an index, not all of them include a dateline, a greeting, or a complimentary closing, nor does the editor preface each letter with the kind of identification given in scholarly editions, such as "Letter from Coward to Alexander Woollcott" (plus the date).
For example, you might have a macro for letters containing a complimentary closing paragraph, followed by "Very truly yours," the name of the law firm, the lawyer signing the letter, and the typist's initials.
Whether you are searching for the proper salutation, complimentary closing, or setting up a series of collection letters, this section gives you the answers and examples to follow.