Alcalá de Henares

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Al·ca·lá de He·na·res

 (ăl′kə-lä′ dā hĕ-när′əs, äl′kä-lä′ thĕ ĕ-nä′rĕs)
A town of central Spain east-northeast of Madrid. Miguel de Cervantes and Catherine of Aragon were born here.
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"On no account will I allow it," said the curate; "your mightiness must remain on horseback, for it is on horseback you achieve the greatest deeds and adventures that have been beheld in our age; as for me, an unworthy priest, it will serve me well enough to mount on the haunches of one of the mules of these gentlefolk who accompany your worship, if they have no objection, and I will fancy I am mounted on the steed Pegasus, or on the zebra or charger that bore the famous Moor, Muzaraque, who to this day lies enchanted in the great hill of Zulema, a little distance from the great Complutum."
(1997): "Ceramicas y tejidos: sobre el significado de la decoracion geometrica del Bronce Final en la Peninsula Iberica", Complutum, 8, pp.
In the site of Complutum, nowadays Alcala de Henares, we found information about the site called La Casa de Hippolytus (Hippolytus House) where the architectonical buildings are a bath structure, set out as a collegia see, build by the Annios family1.
Estelas, paisaje y territorio en las estelas del Bronce Final del Suroeste de la Peninsula Iberica (Complutum Extra 3).
Written on the occasion of Bernaola's honorary doctorate from the Universidad Complutensede Madrid in 1998, Complutum is one of the composer's final works for orchestra.