Component of force

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(Mech.) a force which, acting conjointly with one or more forces, produces the effect of a single force or resultant; one of a number of forces into which a single force may be resolved.

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The result of measurement of the frictional force [F.sub.t] is an estimate of the actual value of the measured quantity (this corresponds on the dynamometer for component of force [F.sub.y] in the kinematic system of the machine tool); what for i-th measurement can be expressed by equation:
For example, Figure 28 shows the relationship between the exciting force and the pin-direction component of force caused by whirl, in the case of the peak of amplitude of the 1st-order exciting force being set at = 0, with a whirl phase delay of [phi] = 60 degrees and [phi] = - 60 degrees, assuming both amplitudes of exciting force and pin-direction component of force caused by whirl are 1.
A component of Force 2025 Maneuvers intellectual and physical events, the AWA assesses interim solutions to the Army warfighting challenges.

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