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žodžių junginys
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These scattered tribes come, one and all, under the title of Nyam-Nyams, and this compound word is only a sort of nickname.
A Noun is a composite significant sound, not marking time, of which no part is in itself significant: for in double or compound words we do not employ the separate parts as if each were in itself significant.
The river was half a mile in width, yet every word uttered by the chieftain was heard; this may be partly attributed to the distinct manner in which every syllable of the compound words in the Indian language is articulated and accented; but in truth, a savage warrior might often rival Achilles himself for force of lungs.
Having picked up a few of our most familiar colloquial expressions, he scattered them about over his conversation whenever they happened to occur to him, turning them, in his high relish for their sound and his general ignorance of their sense, into compound words and repetitions of his own, and always running them into each other, as if they consisted of one long syllable.
Mersey" is an Anglo-Saxon compound word made up of "maeres" (boundary) and "ea" (river).
This is quite obvious because the absence of any morphological representation of the semantic category relating two concepts that underlie a new compound word (new conceptual combination, to use the psycholinguistic term) projects itself on the multiplicity of potential interpretations of a new complex word and the uncertainty of a listener/reader in interpreting such a word.
For an instance, it is only a probe into the history of words (etymology) that would reveal that disease was once a compound word, dis + ease = dis-ease, (Bender 2000).
Most farms, at least mine, only seem to observe the second half of the compound word fireworks.
After this treatment, the trigger that is part of the compound word is recalled.
N+N [right arrow] N compounding with antonymous words jer + sub: In the Dictionary of the Old Turkic Language, the meaning of the compound word is given as 'land' or'continent'.
Once the word root is found, the word is further analyzed to determine whether it is a compound word, combining word, singular, plural, abbreviation or acronym.
Combination of two words that can be linked to meaning is called a compound word.