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1. One of several components; a piece.
2. A subdivision of a written work.
3. Law A distinct portion or provision of a legal code or set of laws, often establishing a particular legal requirement: section 5 of the Voting Rights Act.
4. A distinct portion of a newspaper: the sports section.
5. A distinct area of a town, county, or country: a residential section.
6. A land unit equal to one square mile (2.59 square kilometers), 640 acres, or 1/36 of a township.
7. The act or process of separating or cutting, especially the surgical cutting or dividing of tissue.
8. A thin slice, as of tissue, suitable for microscopic examination.
9. A segment of a fruit, especially a citrus fruit.
10. Representation of a solid object as it would appear if cut by an intersecting plane, so that the internal structure is displayed.
11. Music A group of instruments or voices in the same class considered as a division of a band, orchestra, or choir: the rhythm section; the woodwind section.
12. A class or discussion group of students taking the same course: She taught three sections of English composition.
a. A portion of railroad track maintained by a single crew.
b. An area in a train's sleeping car containing an upper and lower berth.
14. An army tactical unit smaller than a platoon and larger than a squad.
15. A unit of vessels or aircraft within a division of armed forces.
16. One of two or more vehicles, such as a bus or train, given the same route and schedule, often used to carry extra passengers.
a. The character (§) used in printing to mark the beginning of a section.
b. This character used as the fourth in a series of reference marks for footnotes.
18. Informal A cesarean section.
tr.v. sec·tioned, sec·tion·ing, sec·tions
1. To separate or divide into parts.
2. To cut or divide (tissue) surgically.
3. To shade or crosshatch (part of a drawing) to indicate sections.
4. Informal To perform a cesarean section on.

[Middle English seccioun, from Old French, from Latin sectiō, sectiōn-, from sectus, past participle of secāre, to cut; see sek- in Indo-European roots.]


n. el acto de seccionar, dividir, cortar.
References in classic literature ?
Yes," said Lydgate, in a tone of compulsory admission.
No, the law should force the psychiatric patient to compulsory admission and treatment only in case of psychiatric emergency (e.
Numerical quantitative studies imply that generally involuntarily admitted patients show clinical improvement and retrospectively view their compulsory admission rather positively.
The Act makes it incumbent on Government to provide free and compulsory education to all children of 6-14 years of age; ensure compulsory admission, attendance and completion of elementary education by every child of the age of six to fourteen years.
Compulsory admission of mentally ill patients in European Union Member States.
Most CTOs are imposed at the point of discharge after a compulsory admission, although most legislations allow for them to be imposed without such an admission (so-called 'preventative' CTOs), but the UK CTO can only be imposed on a legally detained patient (so-called 'least restrictive' CTO).
The losers on compulsory admission charges, and the ones most likely to stop visiting Red House, are those on low incomes.
Carrie Jenkins, head teacher at Gabalfa Primary, said there would be no compulsory admission fee, rather the school would ask for a "voluntary donation" of pounds 3 on the night.
the person applying to admit another person) would have had to base the application on two grounds: (1) the subject "is suffering from mental and behavioural disorder of a nature or degree which warrants his compulsory admission," and (2) the subject "ought to be so detained in the interest of his own safety or with a view to protecting the safety and interest of other persons.
Compulsory Admission and Involuntary Treatment of Mentally Ill Patients in Legislation and Practice.
The authorities have to ensure compulsory admission, attendance and completion of elementary education by every child
Local operational norms, level of professional accountability for assessment decisions, organizational culture and support in decisions to care for a patient in the community, perceptions of conditions at the state hospital, and whether or not involuntary hospitalization is considered a "last resort" option all have been shown to influence the compulsory admission threshold.