computer literacy

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comput′er lit′eracy

familiarity with computers and how they work.
comput′er-lit′erate, adj.
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After all, adding a machine on the shop floor can be a bit more involved than updating an accounting software package, especially when the operator, who claims to be computer illiterate, must learn how to operate the machine via software rather than an on/off switch.
Full configurability, personalization, adaptation to elder needs applies to all components to maximize elder compliance, even when computer illiterate.
The university decided that the system implemented in 2014 was vulnerable to copying as it was outsourced to another educator, tough for computer illiterate students and was not recognised by the University Grants Commission (UGC).
The story is set in 2001, so it is somewhat surprising that she is depicted as a computer illiterate.
She says both were incredibly smart, but computer illiterate.
uk", but as a computer illiterate of 85 years old I can only have my say by writing.
In the case that patients are too sick or computer illiterate to create a Medical Log, facilities are provided for a carer or loved one to assist the patient.
Also the jobs related to IT and computers require training and a large number of the population is computer illiterate.
What will be the fate of these lost hordes of computer illiterate barneys?
In response to the breach of secrecy charges, Velocci now claims that he never hacked into Lavitola's email account and that Lavitola was computer illiterate and had requested his assistance to access his own email account, giving him his password and access to personal files.
The computer training charity was launched for the first time in Summer of 2012 with the main aim of teaching computer illiterate children how to use computers and computer software.
Many released inmates were computer illiterate or had limited or virtually no access to computers.

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