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Capable of being read by a computer: a machine-readable passport; machine-readable formats.


(of data) in a form suitable for direct acceptance and processing by computer.


[məˈʃiːnˈriːdəbl] ADJlegible por máquina
in machine-readable formen forma legible por máquina
machine-readable codecódigo m legible por máquina


[məˈʃiːnˌriːdəbl] adj (Comput) → leggibile dalla macchina
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Despite the industry's best efforts, translating complex human decision-making into a computer-readable, algorithm-friendly process remains a real challenge.
Digitisation is the process of converting analogue information into a digital, computer-readable, numerical format, making it more durable on transmission as many times as necessary without degradation.
2018 Financial Reporting Taxonomy released for public comment On September 5, FASB released its proposed 2018 Financial Reporting Taxonomy, a list of computer-readable financial reporting labels coded in XBRL, for public comment.
When software modules or algorithms are involved, these software modules may be stored as program instructions or computer readable codes executable on a processor on a computer-readable medium.
The GAAP taxonomy is a list of computer-readable tags in extensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL) format that allows companies to tag precisely the thousands of pieces of financial data that are included in typical long-form financial statements and related footnote disclosures.
However, a machine (such as a computer) or a computer-readable medium (such as a CD-ROM or floppy disk) encoded with a data structure is patentable.
This line of cases established that, at least in the 1990's, a software program was eligible for patent protection as long as the program was controlling a computer or was stored on computer-readable media and produced a useful, concrete, and tangible result.
The case is being considered for certiorari by the United States Supreme Court, the issue presented being, is software stored on a computer-readable medium a "manufacture" under Section 101?
The charity taxonomy is a type of digital data dictionary which defines the computer-readable tags that identify individual items of data in charity reports and accounts for electronic filing and for other analytical purposes.
Core clinical components include computer-readable versions of structured classification and reporting taxonomies, such as Lung Cancer Screening Reporting and Data System (Lung-RADSTM), Liver Imaging Reporting and Data System (LI-RADS), Prostate Imaging Reporting and Data System (PI-RADSTM), care pathways/algorithms (such as those found in incidentalomas white papers), and classification and communication needs for actionable findings.
The integrated solution enables IP providers to develop and validate computer-readable IEEE-compliant descriptions for Silicon Instruments, the IP blocks in an SoC that are accessible via IEEE 1149.1 /JTAG.

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