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law that relates to the constitution, as a permanent system of political and juridical government, as distinguished from statutory and common law, which relate to matters subordinate to such constitution.

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Alaskas CON law requires healthcare providers to obtain state approval before expanding, establishing new facilities or services, or making certain large capital expenditures.
The good professor had an epiphany one day during his con law class: while these so-called back-row kids could be elected in the legislative and executive branches of government, they could never infiltrate the judicial branch.
In the months since I last used this space to recommend a few, a coworker introduced me to what may be the most educational one in all of cyberspace: "What Trump Can Teach Us About Con Law."
In the case of the county fixed-effects estimator shown in column (2), they imply that one additional CON law is associated with an increase in the mortality rate of just over 0.34 deaths per 100,000 people per year.
Starting in 1969, the American Hospital Association began lobbying for a federal CON law. It never got the law it wanted, but three years later, within a series of amendments to the Social Security Act, Congress included a mandate that states review all capital expenditures for hospitals and medical facilities costing more than $ 100,000 or for any changes to existing services.
* Legal Information Institute ( it comes to constitutional law (con law), primary sources include, of course, the Constitution itself.
TT winner Dean Harrison will also be competing while there will be parade laps from Raymond McCullough and multiple TT winner Con Law, who will be riding Steve Hislop's RC30.
De acuerdo con Law of Property Act 1925 Section 136 [24], los requisitos de un Legal Assignment [25] son: 1) Que la cesion se haga por escrito; 2) Que se de noticia escrita al deudor, y 3) Que el total de la deuda sea cedida y se trate de una suma incondicionada.
Francisco acudio ahi para rezarle a la Virgen, cuando tuvo el encuentro con Law, senalo el diario italiano II Fatto Quotidiano, en el cual--segun su reconstruccion del hecho--el pontifice dio la ordena quienes le acompanaban: "No quiero que frecuente (el cardenal) esta basilica".
The current CON law was designed to restrain the overbuilding of health care facilities for acute care provided to local residents.
She's offering Con Law 101, a class every American should have to retake every three to five years.
Zirkel, "A 'Con Law' Casualty or Victory?" Phi Delta Kappan, January 2001, pp.