of or relating to the coalition government of the United Kingdom formed in 2010 by the Conservative Party and the Liberal Democrats
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AFTER four years of Con-Dem government at Westminster, Scotland last year endured its worst year of food poverty in modern times.
Hence the miserable and spineless opposition to the Con-Dem government demonstrated at their recent conference.
What the Con-Dem Government have done is like sacking soldiers in the middle of a war!
Imagine if the 11 Labour councils in Wales stood together and refused to implement the cuts - this weak Con-Dem government of the rich would be on the rocks.
As demand is soaring it is now time for an urgent parliamentary inquiry into the impact of the Con-Dem welfare reforms.
The latest Con-Dem jape is to con the long-suffering taxpayer who will stump up pounds 13 a head to give Richard Branson the "good" part of Northern Rock which was rescued by the last government.
Although I agree with him that the low turnout is attributable to yet another dismal failure on behalf or the Con-Dem coalition for which David Cameron no doubt has excuses, it occurs to me that there is something else at work here.
REGARDLESS of your feelings towards Gordon Brown, had it not been for the measures taken by him, Alastair Darling and Mervyn King - not David Cameron nor George Osborne or any other member of then Con-Dem Alliance - when this country was facing financial meltdown we would be in a far worse state than we are now.
But this is highly unlikely to happen under a Con-Dem government.
Clearly, Redmond is unaware that the Con-Dem coalition government have little interest in true dialogue and negotiation with public sector unions.
He said: "I am passionate about this country which has been failed by the Con-Dem coalition which has betrayed our Armed Forces and the British people.
However, he warned the Con-Dem coalition's planned VAT rise to 20% could hit low-income families.