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of or relating to the coalition government of the United Kingdom formed in 2010 by the Conservative Party and the Liberal Democrats
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Comparing that figure to 2010 when the Con-Lib Dem coalition took power, Cllr Tom Usher told Tuesday''s business overview and scrutiny committee: "It's been around a decade since we've struggled with this 10 or 11-day mark" The meeting at Wallasey Town Hall heard Cllr Jerry Williams say it was "obvious" high levels of absence were due to austerity.
The farcical Con-Lib Dem coalition ended in tears, but this Corbyn-Nellist pact could well be successful as they are at least both singing from the same red book.
GENERAL ELECTION OUTCOME ODDS 1-12 Hung Parliament, 15-8 Labour minority, 10-3 Con-Lib Dem coalition, 4-1 Con minority, 7-1 Con majority, 9-1 Coalition involving SNP, 20-1 Coalition involving Ukip, 25-1 Coalition involving DUP, 33-1 Con-Lab coalition, 33-1 Labour majority, 66-1 Coalition involving Greens, 500-1 Ukip majority, 500-1 Lib Dem majority.
As we report today, Berwick is a key Con-Lib Dem marginal.
The local Con-Lib Dem council closed the athletics track, which now resembles a slum.
Winter fuel payments, the scourge of the Con-Lib Axis, should be going up by at least pounds 50 not down by pounds 50!
Sir Albert Bore, leader of the Labour group, has the nerve to tell the Con-Lib coalition that a charge can't be made for entrance to a public museum - yet he made the charge in the first place!
This incompetent, arrogant Con-Lib Westminster coalition Government plans reductions to the Royal Navy, Royal Marines, Army and Royal Air Force.
WITH changes at Newcastle Civic Centre (long awaited) priorities will of course need to be made in managing the impositions of the Con-Lib Dem Coalition.
Intense political activity has been concentrated on the streets of Billesley, Quinton, Weoley, Brandwood, Kings Norton, Longbridge, Northfield, Erdington, Hodge Hill, Springfield, Moseley and Selly Oak, where the Con-Lib Dem coalition is fighting for survival.
'Fauxmance', 'tweetheart' and 'bigotgate' are some of the popular terms, and there are others like 'Cleggmania' and 'Con-Lib' that were found listed in the literary tool published this week, reports the Daily Express.
This is all being put at risk by the proposals being put forward by the Con-Lib Dem government.