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(ˈkoʊ nənt)

James Bryant, 1893–1978, U.S. chemist and educator.
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Cloke, shocked at their levity, told them that it was Lady Conant, wife of Sir Walter Conant, Baronet, a large landholder in the neighbourhood; and if not God; at least His visible Providence.
Your people," said the clear voice of Lady Conant in her ear.
I oughtn't to have done it," said Lady Conant apologetically, "but there has been no one at Pardons for so long that you'll forgive my poaching.
After lunch Lady Conant talked to her explicitly of maternity as that is achieved in cottages and farm-houses remote from aid, and of the duty thereto of the mistress of Pardons.
Oh, Lady Conant said something at lunch about their having bought some land from some Lashmars a few years ago.
This last George did not realise till he met Lady Conant striding through Dutton Shaw a few days after the event.
Can you see Marm Conant slapping him between the shoulders?
But it makes me feel better," and she smiled and winked away a tear on her lashes, and took his hand while they prayed for "all women labouring of child"--not "in the perils of childbirth"; and the sparrows who had found their way through the guards behind the glass windows chirped above the faded gilt and alabaster family tree of the Conants.
Spices, I think," said Sophie, deeply delighted as the Sangres closed up after the Conants.
She's a Lashmar out of the old Lashmar place, 'fore they sold to Conants.
Peter Palfrey, Roger Conant, and one or two more had built houses there in 1626, and may be considered as the first settlers of that ancient town.
Schaumburg and Conant are putting the intense battles others are fighting before the challenges their girls water polo teams are facing.