Concealed weapons

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(Law) dangerous weapons so carried on the person as to be knowingly or willfully concealed from sight, - a practice forbidden by statute.<- in="" some="" states!="" -="">
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With ready revolver to compel obedience, she let them up one by one, searching them carefully for concealed weapons as they stood with hands elevated above their heads.
Twice the count left the ranks to see whether the object of his interest had any concealed weapon beneath his clothes.
OTCBB:VYST), a world leader in concealed weapons detection and surveillance technology, provides a broad range of products to law enforcement professionals, military, government agencies, educational facilities, event and sport venues, commercial businesses, corporate and residential customers.
The Lockheed Martin technology used for commercial concealed weapons detection in the BIS-WDS(TM) Prime is exclusive to Brijot Imaging Systems, Inc.
It's unthinkable that Greer or any firearm advocate would object, especially given the Thurston tragedy, to a policy simply requesting - not demanding but requesting - that concealed weapons permit holders voluntarily refrain from bringing a gun onto school property.
Knight's earlier bill, introduced when he was still in the Assembly, sought to approve concealed weapons for anyone over 21 who had not been convicted of a felony, had a history of mental illness or had a gang affiliation.
View System's will be demonstrating its SecureScan(TM) Concealed Weapons Detection systems at booth #2930.
Many of the most serious crimes involve the illegal use of concealed weapons,'' Wilson said in a statement.
As a result, the number of Los Angeles residents permitted by the LAPD to carry concealed weapons is down to 65, he added.
OTCBB: VYST), a world leader in concealed weapons detection and digital surveillance technologies.
Consider: 64% of respondent would feel less safe if others could carry concealed weapons, while only 22% would feel safer if they had the right to carry a concealed weapon.