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archaic a concord, as of sounds, voices, etc
[C16: from Latin concentus harmonious sounds, from concinere to sing together, from canere to sing]
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n. Archaic.
harmony; concord.
[1575–85; < Latin concentus harmony, chorus, literally, singing or playing together =concen-, variant s. of concinere to sing together (con- con- + -cinere, comb. form of canere to sing) + -tus suffix of v. action; compare chant]
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 a concord or harmony of sounds. See also concert, consort.
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Whatever the need, Nippon Tungsten USA is there to ensure every customer concent is addressed.
Informed Concent: Informed consent was taken from the patients.
Cooper, First Deputy Superintendent of Insurance, noted the Department's concent for those insureds having coverage difficulties, stressing there is "no question there is a market disruption." She advised agents experiencing difficulties to call a department "hot line" for assistance.
TABLA 1 | Caracteristicas de la poblacion en las areas de concentracion, segun la agrupacion continental EUROPEOS AREAS ESPANOLES INMIGRANTES TOTAL No concent. 127 2.872.561 418.579 3.291.140 Concent, baja 37 867.228 160.781 1.028.009 Concent, media 19 393.868 114.235 508.103 Concent, alta 7 115.921 44.223 160.144 AFRICANOS AREAS ESPANOLES INMIGRANTES TOTAL No concent.
Meanwhile, the HPG said Aycardo rented at least six motor vehicles from five individuals which he all pawned to a casino institution wihtout the concent of the victims.
Consent for Publication: Written informed concent were taken from patient to publish the article.
Steps of magnetic separation on floatation concentrate Stage Sample Field Concent Waste(%) Reoovcry(%) description intensity rate (%) (Gauss) 1 Final 1000 62.9 11.5 98.93 floatation concentrate 2 Stage 1 concentrate 1000 63.7 12.4 98.52 3 Stage 2 concentrate 1000 64.3 11.5 98.45 Final product 1000 64.3 ....
Tsai claimed that the photos were posted with the concent of both parties and that to those who said that the photos were inappropriate, he said that they were not pornographic in nature.
We parts of th concent "It d opp does feel like an opportunity missed.
Informed Consent: Informed concent form was filed out by all participants.
the angel face of Una), Love--the "celestiall harmonie, [o]f likely harts composed of starres concent [= harmony], / Which ioyne together in sweete sympathie" (An hymne in honour of beautie 197-198; Spenser 1959: 592).