factory farming

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factory farm

A large-scale farming operation designed for efficient production, especially a large complex where animals are kept and tended in narrow cages or other close confinement.

factory farming n.

factory farming

n (Brit) → allevamento su scala industriale
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To fulfill part of the goals of the Unified Strategy and to mitigate the actual and potential water quality impacts posed by the largest animal feeding operations, EPA is revising the regulations for identified as Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFO) under the Clean Water Act (U.
The concentrated animal feeding operation was granted a special exception by the township~s zoning hearing board.
Isolation of antibiotic resistant bacteria from the air plume downwind of a swine confined or concentrated animal feeding operation.
The new public notification requirement applies only to the largest of the so-called concentrated animal feeding operations, or CAFOs.
The livestock industry in the United States has two widely used practices to maximize productivity that have the potential to negatively impact public health: concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs) and the nontherapeutic addition of antibiotics to feed to improve the feed conversion ratio (Gilchrist et al.
As a result of these changes in poultry production, concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs) produce far more waste than can be managed by land disposal within the regions where it is produced.
cattle, once reaching a certain age, is no longer grass-fed, it's sent to concentrated animal feeding operations to finish out their lives fattening-up on corn and soybeans.
Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt, former Oklahoma attorney general, has said he has no desire to pursue enforcing regulations on concentrated animal feeding operations.
This trend culminated in the ubiquity of concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs), which solidified as the standard method of farming in the second half of the 20th century.
Non-organic dairy comes from the milk of animals that have been raised in concentrated animal feeding operations.
5) The EPA also designates certain AFOs as concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs) based on the confinement of large numbers of animals and the pollutant discharge.

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