n.1.The quality of concentrating.
2.(Phren.) The faculty or propensity which has to do with concentrating the intellectual the intellectual powers.
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In Heaven's name, Hollingsworth," cried I, getting angry, and glad to be angry, because so only was it possible to oppose his tremendous concentrativeness and indomitable will, "cannot you conceive that a man may wish well to the world, and struggle for its good, on some other plan than precisely that which you have laid down?
For intellectual virtues we want judgment, decision, and the organ of concentrativeness - every fact in the free use of aesthetics and kinetics - and every idea in constant air and exercise.
Albany--Washington &c--promulging the grand ideas of American ensemble liberty, concentrativeness, individuality, spirituality &c &c" (NUPM, 6:2234; my emphasis).