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Noun1.concert band - a group of musicians playing brass and woodwind and percussion instrumentsconcert band - a group of musicians playing brass and woodwind and percussion instruments
band - instrumentalists not including string players
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There's a scenic railway, a water toboggan slide, a concert band, a theatre, wild animals, moving pictures, and so forth and so forth.
The WMB stands among the most outstanding concert bands of its type in the country.
Dunblane Boys'Brigade Band gained a silver award at the regional heats of the Scottish Concert Bands Festival in Livingston on Sunday after impressing the adjudicators with the standard of their instrumental playing.
At that time, he was working for NASA as an engineer and playing in several local community concert bands. Andrew studied with me until February 1989, when he was transferred to Maryland.
concert bands. Advances in transportation, radio, and recording technology were rendering band concerts less convenient, while changing musical tastes and the dance crazes of the 1920s and 1930s helped dance bands to flourish.
For a little more than a century, concert bands played a large and conspicuous role in American popular culture.
With a long history conducting orchestra, choirs, concert bands and stage musicals, he is currently Director of the Dunedin Concert Band and Conductor of the Richey Community Orchestra.
Judith Norden, from the college's music centre, said: "The audience can look forward to a selection of music performed by the North Warwickshire Concert Bands, under the direction of Jim Norden.
Numbering more than 15,000, Boosey publications are a staple for serious musicians of all instruments, and for concert bands, orchestras and choirs.
TWELVE CONCERT bands from Oregon and Washington will be in Eugene for the 17th annual Adult Band Festival hosted by the Eugene Symphonic Band, from 9 a.m.
He participates in his school's marching and concert bands.
"Throughout the long history of the band program at Concordia, the concert bands have toured extensively throughout the U.S.