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The first violinist in a symphony orchestra.


(ˈkɒnsətˌmɑːstə) or


(Classical Music) a US and Canadian word for leader2a


(ˈkɒn sərtˌmæs tər, -ˌmɑ stər)

the principal first violinist in a symphony orchestra, often serving as assistant to the conductor.
[1875–80; translation of German Konzertmeister]


[ˈkɒnsətˌmɑːstəʳ] N (US) → primer violín m


[ˈkɒnsərtmɑːstər] (US, Australian) n [orchestra] → premier violon m


n (US) → Konzertmeister m
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He has thus finally stepped out from the shadow of his role as concert master of the Czech Philharmonic, the orchestra who accompanied him when he recorded the album.
All positions are open for concert master, principals and section players.
The orchestra, directed by Austrian concert master Rainer Honeck, will perform classic concertos from Mozart, Haydn, Dvorak and others at the Cultural Hall.
Concert Master Singers of Worcester perform a concert showcasing folk songs of Appalachia, spirituals and selections that highlight the diversity of North American music.
Miura will also perform with his father, Akihiro, who is also serving as one of the camp instructors and is a concert master of the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra.
Chamber Music Sedona also offers special performances throughout April, including the internationally acclaimed violinist and Phoenix Symphony Orchestra concert master Steven Moeckel performing ten Beethoven violin sonatas with Arizona Regents Professor of Piano Paula Fan in unique Sedona settings.
He is an artist in residence and concert master of the Terra Chamber Arts Orchestra He teaches music history, music appreciation, introduction to music theory and music theory at Terra.
His father was concert master at the London Philharmonic and his mother was a cellist.
Basil was a member of a number of orchestras and became the second-in-command of the Amman Symphony Orchestra as well as a teacher in the Jordan National Conservatory, a violin teacher at the Edward Said National Music Conservatory, and a concert master in the Palestinian Youth Orchestra.
To see the CBSO's Laurence Jackson, concert master of one of the world's greatest orchestras, happily sitting in a humble seat halfway back in the first violins was heartwarming and amazing.
Their value then was 434 thalers; the equivalent of two years of the young Mozart's salary as court organist and concert master in Salzburg.
Just carry on," urges concert master Gary Kitching, sharing a comic moment or two with the children in the front rows.