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The first violinist in a symphony orchestra.


(ˈkɒnsətˌmɑːstə) or


(Classical Music) a US and Canadian word for leader2a


(ˈkɒn sərtˌmæs tər, -ˌmɑ stər)

the principal first violinist in a symphony orchestra, often serving as assistant to the conductor.
[1875–80; translation of German Konzertmeister]


[ˈkɒnsətˌmɑːstəʳ] N (US) → primer violín m


[ˈkɒnsərtmɑːstər] (US, Australian) n [orchestra] → premier violon m


n (US) → Konzertmeister m
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In 2008, he was invited to join Camerata Chicago as concert master.
The grand violin solos come across as unctuously lyrical, and are played in a full round tone, as though the concert master had caught the proper timbre from the violinist Josef Suk himself.
And so Yang started studying the violin with a "lovely woman" who played in the National Symphony Orchestra and after two years she started to study with the orchestra's Concert Master.
As an entering Junior at Riverside Poly High School, Josie is concert master and first chair violinist of the high school orchestra.
Now OFY's concert master, Eserjose would also play the concert pieces from memory.
Williams is equally at home scoring films with their feet firmly in reality and we were moved by Hymn To The Fallen from Saving Private Ryan and the theme from Schindler's List, for which the violin solo from concert master James Clark oozed emotion and feeling.
All positions are open for concert master, principals and section players.
The orchestra, directed by Austrian concert master Rainer Honeck, will perform classic concertos from Mozart, Haydn, Dvorak and others at the Cultural Hall.
Concert Master Singers of Worcester perform a concert showcasing folk songs of Appalachia, spirituals and selections that highlight the diversity of North American music.
Miura will also perform with his father, Akihiro, who is also serving as one of the camp instructors and is a concert master of the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra.
He is an artist in residence and concert master of the Terra Chamber Arts Orchestra He teaches music history, music appreciation, introduction to music theory and music theory at Terra.
His father was concert master at the London Philharmonic and his mother was a cellist.