n.1.(Zool.) One of the Conchifera.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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With 2-5 dorsal bony bucklers and 1-9 ventral bony bucklers; dorsal fin with 10 spines Zenopsis conchifer.
Species of the family Zeidae have increased their nominal number, with two new species: Zenopsis conchifer captured in the seamounts of Juan Fernandez Archipelago and Z.
Biological aspects of the sailfin dory Zenopsis conchifer (Lowe, 1852) caught by deep-sea trawling fishery off Southern Brazil.
NR] Poronidulus conchifer (Schwein.) Murrill [[double],[double dagger]] Postia caesia (Schrad.) P.
'Slope species' comprised the main fishing targets (hake, codling, monkfish) together with the silver John dory (Zenopsis conchifer), pink cusk-eel (Genypterus brasiliensis), tilefish (Lopholatylus villarii), argentine shortfin squid (Illex argentius) and beardfish (Polymixia lowei) (Table 1).
conchifer) exhibited remarkably low edible fractions due to the high proportions represented by head and spine fractions, respectively.