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v. t.1.To excite or stir up.
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Food giant spin-off Concite will use Bowstreet to optimize promotion
Using the Bowstreet solution, Concite and its Consumer Packaged Goods Integration Exchange Portal (www.
com), a leading provider of XML infrastructure for business-to-business (B2B) web marketplaces, and its Bowstreet Business Web Factory will let Concite instantly create, customize and manage multicompany "business webs" of interconnected, cross-boundary business services.
Concite chooses Bowstreet for scalability and flexibility
Bowstreet will enable companies to come together on the Concite IEP by publishing and exchanging "web services," complete business processes wrapped in XML, the Internet's lingua franca for integration.
Concite and its partners will publish their web services on the Bowstreet(TM) Business Web Exchange, an Internet community where companies can publish, search for, find, exchange and consume other companies' web services to form business webs.
Concite is also pioneering the use of technology from NeoCore, a Bowstreet partner whose patented digital pattern processing (DPP) technology makes possible heavy-weight XML processing up to 1,000,000 times faster than alternative processing engines.