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 (kŏn′kôrd′, kŏng′-)
A trademark for a supersonic passenger aircraft formerly used for transatlantic flight.


(ˈkɒnkɔːd; ˈkɒŋ-)
(Aeronautics) the first commercial supersonic airliner, in service between 1976 and 2003. Of Anglo-French construction, it was capable of cruising at over 2160 km per hr (1200 mph)


(ˈkɒn kɔrd, ˈkɒŋ-, kɒnˈkɔrd, kɒŋ-)
a supersonic passenger aircraft operated jointly by England and France.


[ˈkɒŋkɔːd] NConcorde m
to fly by Concordevolar en Concorde
References in classic literature ?
He got up and walked across the Place de la Concorde and the Tuileries gardens to the Louvre.
He went back to the hotel, where he and Dallas were to meet; and together they walked again across the Place de la Concorde and over the bridge that leads to the Chamber of Deputies.
In the early morning he would rush out of the hotel and go to the Champs Elysees, and stand at the Place de la Concorde.
He read of the swallows that fly in and out of the little cafe at Smyrna where the Hadjis sit counting their amber beads and the turbaned merchants smoke their long tasselled pipes and talk gravely to each other; he read of the Obelisk in the Place de la Concorde that weeps tears of granite in its lonely sunless exile and longs to be back by the hot, lotus-covered Nile, where there are Sphinxes, and rose-red ibises, and white vultures with gilded claws, and crocodiles with small beryl eyes that crawl over the green steaming mud; he began to brood over those verses which, drawing music from kiss-stained marble, tell of that curious statue that Gautier compares to a contralto voice, the "monstre charmant" that couches in the porphyry-room of the Louvre.
If I express myself strongly it is all because I love you so much; and from that point of view I may say I should as soon have thought of making up to that piece of pale high-mightiness as I should have thought of making up to the Obelisk in the Place des la Concorde.
There are four hundred over there at the end of the pont de la Concorde (so called because it leads to the scene of perpetual discord between the Right and Left of the Chamber); three hundred more at the end of the rue de Tournon.
On a rainy October 20 in 2003 Concorde flew into Birmingham Airport as part of a last farewell tour.
A NEW museum housing the last-ever Concorde to be built and to fly has opened to the public for the first time.
LONDON, , Dhu-AlHijjah 06, 1436, September 20, 2015, SPA -- A group of Concorde lovers say they've raised enough money to purchase one of the jetliners from the retired fleet, with the goal of returning it to the skies by 2019, according to UPI.
TWO senior businessmen have shared their memories of Concorde following the 10th anniversary of the supersonic jet's last ever flight.
West Yorkshire-based Concorde Excel Holdings Ltd has united its subsidiary businesses under the new name of Concorde Informatics Technology Group Ltd.