Concrete science

a physical science, one having as its subject of knowledge concrete things instead of abstract laws.
- Davies & Peck.

See also: Concrete

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The university's importance in concrete science was most apparent this past summer when it hosted a US Research Board meeting of its Standing Technical Committee on Design and Rehabilitation of Concrete Pavements in June.
The School of Construction & Design Technologies at Pennsylvania College of Technology, Williamsport, will launch a two-year Concrete Science Technology degree program, beginning with the fall 2018 term.
Quantity or scope: Technical Mission Control on the construction of a local concrete science faculty apppliques Bethune
The Miami Project was born on a lot of hope, and now it's on concrete science," he says.
Handbook of analytical techniques in concrete science and technology, Principles, Techniques, and Applications, William Andrew Publishing/Noyes Publications, Norwich, New York 2001.
Craddock was instrumental in fostering the creation of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Concrete Sustainability Hub, which was established in 2009 with the goal of accelerating emerging breakthroughs in concrete science, and engineering and transferring that science into practice.
Applications of computers and information technology, in Handbook of Analytical Techniques in Concrete Science and Technology, Ed.
Jackson writes, "I believe that until a concrete science of religion and ethics exists and organizations to apply its findings, humanity will continue to struggle to create these things.
Northwestern University Civil Engineering Professor and Center for Advanced Cement-based Materials founding director Surendra Shah will open the European Ready-Mixed Concrete Organization Congress XVII, dune 4-5, in Istanbul, with a keynote, "Advances in Concrete Science in the last 50 years.
Dr Bai's work has been based within the field of concrete science, technology and construction, involving research, consultancy, and continuing professional development.
The research continues under Concrete Science, which along with Buildings and Pavements, encompasses areas the Ready Mixed Concrete Research and Education Foundation and Portland Cement Association prioritize as CSHub sponsors.
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