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a.1.Conducive; tending; contributing.
All his laws are in themselves conducible to the temporal interest of them that observe them.
- Bentley.
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Others again have shrunk up the Laws of Nature into a very narrow Compass and have made in (e) effect self preservation the only Cardinall Law of human Nature, and all these rules or consectaryes (f) , (3) that they have observed to be conducible to that Cardinal Law, or deducible from it, they conclude to be so many ramifications of that grand Naturall Law: (4) wherein their mistake hath happend by this meanes; That whereas, the Naturall Laws of mankind are of that excelent frame, that consequentially they produce the Good of every individuall, tho besides that to many other excellent Ends they have inprovidently singled out this one, as the only Governing Law of Nature which is no other, but one of those excellent Effects that this excellent Law produceth /fol.
The event will provide an insight into the enormous opportunities that prevail in the Indian telecom business and will focus on the necessary policy and its implementation interventions required to promote a more conducible business environment in the sector.
Nevertheless, Barnet concluded his memorandum by saying that `No doubt it would be desirable, and no doubt conducible to the successful carrying out of this important work, if the services of both Messrs.