Conduct money

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(Naut.) a portion of a seaman's wages retained till the end of his engagement, and paid over only if his conduct has been satisfactory.

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Conduct money manager searches to build a customized investment solution
The BOJ will conduct money market operations so that the monetary base will increase at an annual pace of about JPY 80 trillion (USD 670 billion)," the central bank said.
The PTT launched its bank in 2004, primarily to provide customers with an alternative and less expensive way to conduct money transfers.
First Midwest Bank will provide youth with financial literacy comic books and coloring books for Gary's youngest participants, and will conduct Money Smart "Money Matters" and "Bank On It" workshops.
HH the Emir asked QCB to study issuance of new licences for Qataris to conduct money exchange business, al-Emadi told the QNA.
The service will be activated immediately as the customer will receive an SMS with a personal confidential password that enables him to conduct money transfer service," read the statement.
The EU-funded Project was tailormade to the needs of Albania, focussing on strengthening law enforcement, and a manual on the ways on how to conduct money laundering investigations was presented.
Among other improvements, the law expands the list of agencies permitted to conduct money laundering investigations, gives the independent financial intelligence unit (FIU), PPATK, more authority to examine suspicious financial transactions, and increases some criminal penalties for money laundering offenses.
It should be pointed out that the bodies and gangs that conduct money laundering exploit expatriates to do the dirty jobs.
Court rules provide that conduct money to cover reasonable expenses of attending is tendered to you at a reasonable time before the date on which your attendance is required.
ProgressSoft has launched its latest advancement in the payments field; PS-MPay, the Mobile Payment Solution that allows customers to conduct money payment transactions using their hand-held mobiles and smart phones.
The project, launched by the Arab League and implemented by a regional steering committee chaired by Emirates Post and supported by French Post, will allow participating postal operators to conduct money transfer operations on a multilateral basis.