electrical conduction

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Noun1.electrical conduction - the passage of electricity through a conductor
photoconduction, photoconductivity - change in the electrical conductivity of a substance as a result of absorbing electromagnetic radiation
superconductivity - the disappearance of electrical resistance at very low temperatures
arc, electric arc, electric discharge, spark, discharge - electrical conduction through a gas in an applied electric field
conduction, conductivity - the transmission of heat or electricity or sound
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We have demonstrated that a long conduction electron spin lifetime in metallic-like material made up of carbon nanospheres can be achieved at room temperature.
Conduction electron with macromolecular surfaces is affected by them.
Also, lead found in solders used for machined thru-hole discoidal and planar array ceramic multilayer capacitors, and lead oxide in plasma display panels and surface conduction electron emitter displays used in structural elements (notably in the front and rear glass dielectric layer, the bus electrode, the black stripe, the address electrode, the barrier ribs, the seal frit, the frit ring and in print pastes) will qualify for exempt status.
A simplified version of the Kondo lattice model, the Kondo necklace model, is studied at finite temperature using a representation for the localized and conduction electron spins in terms of local Kondo singlet and triplet operators.
The conduction electron density and normal-state conductivity are also one to two orders-of-magnitude higher than either the Nb-based alloys or Bi-based cuprates used in present day wires, contradicting the conventional wisdom that good superconductors are poor conductors because of the strong electron-phonon interaction and at the same time providing encouragement that higher [T.
Furthermore, the crystallite edges, areas of high conduction electron density, are preferential adsorption sites and therefore, if the carbon black through heat treatment coalesces its crystallites, fewer crystallite boundaries are present and less preferential adsorption sites are available which may explain the decrease in nitrogen adsorption.
We now expand the derivation given in [3] to systems with arbitrary conduction electron densities, i.
For example, by using ultrashort THz pulses, we will obtain unprecedented insights into the energetic structure of spin-orbit coupling of equilibrium and nonequilibrium conduction electrons (e.
This force, arising from the transfer of angular momentum from the conduction electrons to the local magnetic structure (cf.
Dynamic nuclear polarisation via conduction electrons has, however, not yet been demonstrated at room temperature - which is crucial for the method to be useful in practice for the development of quantum computers.
Over the past seven decades, many monographs and textbooks have elaborated the anticipated electric, magnetic, optical, and thermal properties of a simple metal--one of the alkali metals that possesses free-electron-like conduction electrons, and so a spherical Fermi surface.
Heavy-fermion compounds" are materials in which the conduction electrons move as if they were hundreds of times more massive than those in conventional metals.