Conduit system

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Con´duit sys´tem

1.(Elec.) A system of electric traction, esp. for light railways, in which the actuating current passes along a wire or rail laid in an underground conduit, from which the current is "picked up" by a plow or other device fixed to the car or electric locomotive. Hence Conduit railway.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Medtronic's "Melody" conduit system was granted the European CE mark clearance and was licensed by Health Canada, the Canadian health ministry.
For instance, elastic model and nonelastic model [12, 13] for the conduit system have been adopted in long pipeline and short pipeline systems, respectively.
The West Eagle # 1 well will also test a deeper, large stratigraphic pinch-out which is part of what is often called the East Side Oil Play, made up of basal Tertiary or older potential reservoirs up-dip from a postulated middle Jurassic oil source conduit system. This deeper objective is also amplitude supported.
Although it is not completed, the project has already consumed over 55,000 feet of telephone and internet cable, 5,500 feet of conduit, a complete conduit system, and extensive electrical wire routing.
Mr O'Connor pointed to the popular <em>hawala</em> dealers, which informally transfer international funds, and said that the government is looking to develop a fair and workable registration system with the sector, in hopes that the conduit system could still provide cheap and effective services while minimising if not totally eradicating misuse.
system of roots, but through a wireless conduit system. Our nervous
Removable side panels and an internal conduit system facilitate cable management.
Installing FutureFLEX tube cables eliminated the need to ever again re-enter Sharp's complex conduit system, since the fiber bundles would be blown in and reconfigured through the termination and fiber distribution units for any future network moves, adds and upgrades.
Viasys will provide infrastructure services, to include underground construction and a raceway or conduit system to accommodate fibre optic and/or copper cable, under the terms of the contract.