Coney Island

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Co·ney Island 1

A district of Brooklyn, New York, on the Atlantic Ocean. It became famous in the early 1900s for its boardwalk and amusement park.

Co·ney Island 2

A frankfurter served in a bun with condiments, especially meat sauce and onions.

Coney Island

(Placename) an island off the S shore of Long Island, New York: site of a large amusement park

Co′ney Is′land

(ˈkoʊ ni)
an area in S Brooklyn in New York City: amusement park and beach.
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Noun1.Coney Island - a section of Brooklyn on the AtlanticConey Island - a section of Brooklyn on the Atlantic; known as an amusement center
Brooklyn - a borough of New York City
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Since this song originally appeared in the middle of Act I, it's not until the next number that we're told that the year is 1907 and that the Phantom has established a new vaudeville entertainment empire in Coney Island, New York.
Coney Island, New York (Most iconic films: Brooklyn, The Other Guys)
A violent video showing women rolling around on the ground, punching each other, and banging each other's heads on pavement at Coney Island, New York City, has gone viral on social media.
1899: Bob Fitzsimmons, the first British world heavyweight champion was defeated in 11 rounds by James J Jeffries at Coney Island, New York.
Brimming with photos of historic Coney Island, New York, Nathan's Famous restaurants, and intimate family memories "Nathan's Famous" details entrepreneurial spirit, business lessons, dramatic corporate missteps and growth.
Chestnut saw his record of eight straight wins snapped by Stonie last year at Nathan's Famous on Coney Island, New York, which reportedly 'woke the sleeping giant' inside the revered competitive eater.
In Coney Island, New York, people waited in line for up to six hours to get some of the free gasoline that federal authorities have sent to New York to help alleviate shortages.
A beachfront house is damaged in the aftermath of yesterday's surge from superstorm Sandy, in Coney Island, New York