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Noun1.Confederate flag - the first flag of the Confederate States of AmericaConfederate flag - the first flag of the Confederate States of America
flag - emblem usually consisting of a rectangular piece of cloth of distinctive design
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com/2015/06/25/apple-bans-games-and-apps-featuring-the-confederate-flag/) removed apps and games that contained images or references to the confederate flag.
He is best known for grabbing a Confederate flag from a protester in Charleston on live TV last year.
A couple years ago, I was driving from Tulsa, Oklahoma to Oklahoma City and a white pickup truck passed me with an image of the confederate flag on the tailgate.
After saying he would not remove the Confederate flag image displayed on his laptop in the Arizona House, Rep.
Of the more than 400 tips received, BuzzFeed News was able to follow up on 154 incidents, which ranged from White supremacist groups distributing recruitment flyers at more than two dozen schools to 10 confederate flag posters showing up on different locations of the American University campus.
Kid Rock, whose real name is Robert Ritchie, was a target of protests during recent Detroit concerts because of his use of the Confederate flag.
ROGUE Cork fans were blasted yesterday for flying the US Confederate flag at the All-Ireland semi-final against Waterford.
He told the Daily Post the flag had been displayed alongside the American Southern states' Confederate flag at around 6am when he and his friend first arrived.
His stall also featured the controversial Confederate flag across a table.
3) In resolving the question of how best to deal with the Confederate Flag, the United States can look to the successes Germany has had in banning Nazi symbols as well as the continued backlash of Japan's continued use of the Rising Sun Flag.
WASHINGTON -- Washington National Cathedral will replace depictions of the Confederate flag in its stained-glass windows with plain glass, according to the cathedral board.
Summary: The display of a Confederate flag is clearly something that can be argued as insensitive to African Americans and others.

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